November 2017
We often learn something from good watercolour books.  I bought and read all these painting books during the last  year and now personally recommend all the publications listed here.  Each book has something to offer to any artist wanting to learn more or something new about watercolour painting.  I'll soon be adding more favourite watercolour books on painting s well as more detail on why I like each publication. and have recommended it.
Of course, as artists we all know that watercolour books are no substitute for holding a wet brush and making marks on paper but for bedtime reading you should find something to enjoy.
Just click on the links to learn more and, if you wish, then buy from Amazon, delivered to your door.
Angus Stokes



Stylish yet risky and colourful. Inspiring images and techniques.

New tips and simple to achieve tricks of the trade. Latest book from Ann Blockley

A 'must have' classic if you want to know what is going on in watercolour at the highest level at the RWS

Master of the loose style. New book based on his sketch books. I learned a lot from this book reading a couple of pages each day. Recommended.






Informative, stunning poses. Develop the knowledge to enable good drawing of the nude figure. We've used some of the poses in life class.

Develop a simple loose style for life painting and figure in watercolour.  You read this in an evening and want to paint  immediately.

The title says it all - the techniques move you to a simple and effective loose style. Not always available new.

THE book on life drawing - definitely a journey to self expresion. Brings really fresh understanding to the art of life drawing






This earlier book by the Royal Watercolour Society members gives insight into working methods and approaches to the medium.

Another masterful insight by Charles Reid - how to paint the figure in watercolour simply and beautifully

400 pages of solid reference for beginner and improving watercolour painters

Negative painting is an essential method for captivating work - read this to take a major step forward in your warecolour style




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more recommended watercolour books soon .....

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